Cast & Filmmakers


Gil Bellows - John Annington

Hill Harper - Darris Donnelly
Hill Harper – Darris Donnelly

Garrett Black - Reilly Wendt

 David Cameron - Byron Unger
David Cameron – Byron Unger


Charlton Jacques - Director and Producer



Charlton Jacques founded Foresight Entertainment with the goal of excellence, innovation, and artistic and commercial distinction. These superior qualities mirror his achievements as an independent filmmaker over the last decade. After studying cinema and film production in Toronto, Charlton took his ambition and experience to Vancouver where he opened the doors of Foresight Entertainment, Inc., serving as its president and executive producer. This independent film label is responsible for producing effective and influential genre works such as the critically acclaimed festival short “Friends in Dark Places” and the dynamic, chilling sci-fi horror feature “Nocturne Six”, which took the international market by storm with its release in 2014. With an extraordinarily skilled creative, technical, and administrative team by his side, Charlton has positioned Foresight Entertainment to be a leader in entertaining and memorable film and television for many years to come.

 Bill Freas - Writer and Producer


Serving as the founder and executive producer of Crazy Owl Films, Bill Freas has brought a number of major film projects to the big and small screens. As a screenwriter and producer, he currently has various film projects set up with a number of international production companies, including Vancouver’s Foresight Entertainment, Inc., with whom he has an active production partnership that has already generated several successful projects. Bill is also the author of works of short fiction published by domestic literary entities, and he has enjoyed tenure as a professional musician, comp

oser, and arranger.

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